A Job For a Sunday

2017/12/16 --How to clean the condenser section of a Zanussi ZKH-7146-J condenser dryer

We have a Zanussi ZKH-7146-J combo condenser-dryer that recently decided to stop condenser-drying. A bit of investigation revealed that lots of fluff had condensed in there instead of just water. Here's how to get in and clean it.

First, yes, disconnect the power. Then get the top off. You'll be looking to remove these screws (except the one on the left of the pic, just loosen).

Zanussi02 [Zanussi02.jpg]

You'll need to disconnect the fan motor wire. Make a note of which wire goes in the top and bottom (I marked one of them with pen).

Zanussi01 [Zanussi01.jpg]

You should be able to take out the whole fan unit as one piece. You may have to tug on the heater element housing as well to get it separated.

Zanussi04 [Zanussi04.jpg]

Now you can get in and clean it. I used this handy device that I got from my local B&Q:

Drain Cleaner

[Tools 4 Steel 4 Spring Spiral Drain Cleaner (L)1828.8mm]

The screw on the end is fantastic for grabbing onto big chunks:

Zanussi05 [Zanussi05.jpg]

Delightful. After getting as much out as I could this way, I opened the bottom drain and flushed the condenser out with jugs of water. Then just put everything back together again. Job's a good 'un as they say.

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