Mark Clowes (38M 🇬🇧)

Index - 2017 in review


I keep a daily journal, and it's quite interesting to pull some statistics out of it to see how well I am or am not doing.

2017, and 2016 in comparison where applicable:

Quite a lot of fast food/burgers, but I seem able to maintain a healthy weight without too much difficulty.

Five portions of fruit and veg a day is a hard target to reach! And that's supposed to be a minimum! I don't think I can fit that much food in my belly daily. Slight improvement over last year so I'll keep at it and try to work more into my diet.

Not a good year for running. Only two thirds as much total distance as 2016. Not sure why; a lot more working away and so less running to the office perhaps. My time was also way down in one of the cross country races I do.

I often car-share with co-workers into the office and do not often take the wheel at home, so most of my driving is vans for work, so this will be much less than typical.

Units of alcohol massively down which is good. I was already below the UK recommended 14 per week last year, but now less than half. There was a stag-do and a wedding in 2016 however.